A Nike advertisement created by artificial intelligence

Press Release

After investing in painting, music and of course video games and health, is artificial intelligence going to create advertising campaigns? A French creative nurtured a neural network of well-known Nike commercials, and here’s the result.

This spot was produced on an experimental basis and is therefore not official but it is the first advertisement created by an artificial intelligence. This is the author-editor Jean-Baptiste Le Divelec who is at the origin because he has always been “fascinated by neural networks and deep learning.” With friends, he explains that he has powered a neural network with more than a “decade of Nike advertising” to see if artificial intelligence was able to create an original advertisement.

He says that Nike is not the initiative of the project, but he relied on popular ads and known to all. He needed to rely on an iconic global brand with a readily accessible body of advertising. There are 20 of them, and artificial intelligence has worked as an automatic text generator. Including GPT-2, developed by Open-IA, and whose use remains academic, both the creation of fake texts could cause problems in the era of “deep fake” and ” fake news.”

Will the next slogan come from an AI?

There it is simply a creative experience. Jean-Baptiste Le Divelec explains to The Next Web that he was impressed by AI’s performance in music or painting, convinced that “the machine” could also be creative. On arrival, the 50-second spot is all about Nike advertising, with music, color codes , rhythm and the importance of semantics.

The advertiser called it “AI and Kennedy” and although he recognizes that one is “on the verge of the unintelligible” and “the absurd,” he observes “a touch of genius.” For him, the next strong slogan of a brand or the next advertising spot, like ” Just Do It ” could be born from the brain of an artificial intelligence. A century ago, it was called surrealism, and it may be the future of advertising.

John King