NASA is looking for opportunities to use VR and AR technologies

Press Release

Years since the introduction of proper VR equipment, technology is still used in a few contexts apart from gaming or gimmicks. Nevertheless, one group at NASA has brought together legitimate uses of research and technology with exciting and exciting outcomes. The scientific study in our world is through the use of traditional instruments, disseminated repositories, perhaps only pencil and paper. As such, the incredible multi-functional information processing machine, the human mind, can be challenging using to influence the details indeed.

For several years, the NASA developer Tom Grubb has thought that AR and VR are useful ways to investigate and function with such info, and the staff has published his initial report explicitly from the use of such innovations. To investigate a dynamic celestial community, he and his collaborators utilized the VR setting and searched for an innovative description on which other astronauts disagreed. The main idea was to perceive logically the movements and locations of the galaxies in three-dimensional space.

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Anabella Greene