Volocopter unveils VoloCity, its first commercial autonomous flying taxi

Press Release

Since 2013, the German company has been working on its flying taxi concept with 18 rotors. Today, the company unveils the final version of its device which it hopes will begin commercial operations in the coming years.

The last time we saw the Volocopter Flying Taxi, it was more than a year ago at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas 2018. The project is progressing well, it seems, since the German firm has now revealed the commercial version of its device. This is the fourth iteration of the craft with the name of VoloCity.

Volocopter says it has conducted 1,000 test flights with its development prototypes to optimize the design of the VoloCity, including the aerodynamics of the rotors and the flight stabilizer. As a result, the range has increased from 30 to 35 km and the maximum speed from 100 to 110 km/h. From an aesthetic point of view, the flying taxi retains the design of a helicopter cabin surmounted by a circular structure accommodating the 18 electric rotors. The VoloCity can carry two people and their hand luggage.

A public test flight to Singapore at the end of the year

Volocopter partnered with Intel, which provided the adaptive flight controller and redundant systems that provide security. The next step will be to obtain the necessary authorizations for a commercial operation to develop a taxi service in urban areas. Volocopter will notably work on the airport infrastructure of its service as well as the integration of aircraft in the air traffic control systems of cities. A collaboration is underway with Frankfurt International Airport to go in this direction.

Meanwhile, Volocopter will continue the development of its flying taxi based on its prototypes. A public test flight is scheduled to take place in Singapore during the fourth quarter.

John King